Breaking Stigmas, Building Brotherhoods.
Project Overview

On a mission to create safe-spaces and a community for men to improve their mental and wellbeing. In a world where men’s mental health is heavily stigmatised, misunderstood and overlooked. Mandem Meetup needed to represent the space with a simple identity with a personality that’s conversational and friendly. We partnered closely with the founding team at Mandem Meetup to craft a tangible brand.

Mandem Meetup
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Together, through stakeholder engagement our priority was to be certain that the mission and purpose was truly understood to allow us to really immerse into their world and create communications that are going to connect.

The human mind can sometimes really complex the simplest of things, so to avoid that we put simplicity at the forefront of our thinking to remove any friction, to allow the brand to create emotional connections with the world.

A logo crafted to resonate.

The Mandem Meetup logo is a combination of two male silhouettes to create a timeless design that correctly represents their purpose of being a peer-led community.

A digital experience to make a lasting impression.

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A brand that had to live and breath in the real world.

As an extremely ambitious Charity, the Mandem Meetup identity needed to work both online and offline, so we ensured that the logos worked in both large and small scale. To build consistency across channels, we keep “Harmony Green” in all design material.

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